On Love and Death

There’s really no way around it, we will all die. Each and every living, breathing, feeling one of us will depart from this glorious world. At least, for now. While this is fact, it is our nature to resist this absolute truth. We forget. 

We forget and we take each other for granted. We forget and we treat one another terribly in fits of anger and frustration. We forget and the fleeting temporary moments we have with one another get caught in the maelstrom of our small minded human behaviors.

Until the day comes when we are reminded. Those days always come without warning. Endless cycles of monotonous days all of a sudden change with one machine malfunction, one person’s moment of mindlessness, one step in the wrong direction at that particular moment, one bad choice, one careless act. The reminder is nevertheless always shocking and devastating. And the feelings that arise in the wake of a life lost suddenly are no different.

Assuming that those we love will always be around is common and understandable, however, it is often the source of much of our pain. In this assumption we hesitate to say what may really be on our mind. In this assumption we think that there will be time to resolve our problems later. In this assumption we neglect to forgive and we dwell in the gripes we have held for what sometimes feels like eons. 

Truth is, we will all die, and very rarely do we get notice of when. Similarly, we will all experience the shock and devastation of loosing those we love without warning. If we can only remember, than our fleeting minutes with each other have the opportunity to become more heartfelt, sincere, and meaningful. If we can remember that our time here is limited than perhaps more often we will put the I in front of love you and sorry. If we can remember than we will find that we have more time to spend in courteous discourse rather than hysterical and hurtful argument. If we remember than we know that while we love, we are loving something we will eventually loose, and we might love just a little bit more.

This week a huge landslide of shock and devastation has swept through my community reminding me in glaring light just how fragile life really is. There is no way to know if it could have gone different because the close of this story is final and absolute. Death is absolute. In the wake of this sorrow the truth will remain that we will all go that way someday and today there is the opportunity to say the words that need to be spoken, to hold those who need uplifting, to forgive those who need forgiving, and to breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to have the experience at all. 

With Love, always, in always, for giving,


Image credit:  “Be Here Now” – Ram Dass


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